Rigging together a faucet adapter for snake-style faucets

[Note: I’ve gone and included some more imagery of how my sink is setup]

The water setup in our new apartment is a little bit different from what we are used to. Previous places we were able to pull off the faucets aerator and screw on a garden hose adapter in order to run things like our hoses or immersion chiller. Unfortunately, the female threading on our new sink is way tinier than what you’d find on most kitchen faucets.


V looked around online and found an article about building a garden irrigation system for a setup similar to ours. With that idea in mind I headed over to a local Home Depot to find components I’d need in order to get a similar setup.


I don’t know a lot about plumbing, so I simply grabbed the pieces I knew I’d need: The faucet spraying arm and some washing machine braided hosing that I use for various utility tasks. Finding the components was then about 40 minutes of confusion trying to match up what I had in my hands with the right pieces on the walls. I ended up buying some extra components, simply because I wasn’t sure what my options would be.

In the end though, all I needed were the following components:

  • 12” of 1/2” Inner Diameter vinyl tubing
  • Hose Adapter (3/4” MH x 1/2” MIP)
  • 1/2” Barb x 1/2” FTF
  • 1/2” Barb x 3/8” MIP

While the male barb that attaches to the water isn’t threading on very much (the original sink piece is plastic, and maybe a bit smaller), I’m able to get a good flow of water and it only drips a little bit.


The result was something that easily attaches to the kitchen sink and holds a seal pretty well. An added benefit is that my immersion chiller has a way better seal than it’s ever had on my faucet adapter. I gave it a spin on this past Sunday when I brewed up a Kölsch as a trial run to see how the whole system would perform.

One thought on “Rigging together a faucet adapter for snake-style faucets

  1. Nice work and great way to supply water for apartment brewing! Sadly my kitchen sink in my apartment doesn’t have one of these removable garden hose side sprayers, so I’ve ended up with a jet water sprayers/tubing setup, which works surprisingly well for supplying water for my brewing needs (although it does look a bit silly). Cheers!


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