Years ago, before we lived in Toronto, we’d come here and each time make sure to seek out whatever was new and local. Beer travel has always been one of our favorite beer related activities. Wherever we go, I always do some preliminary online scouting. Sometimes, that will take us to some unexpected places (like […]

Let’s change things up a little bit. Let’s look at another refreshing, fermented beverage: cider. From what I can tell, Ontario produced 133,130 metric tonnes of apples in 2014.  Ontario also has a population of 13.4 Million people. That’s just slightly less than 10 Kg of Ontario apples per capita, which really doesn’t sound like a lot […]

The place beer takes in my life has definitely changed over the years. It used to be a beverage, but now it’s a hobby that I carry with me in a lot of things I do. It comes with a dedicated following and a vibrant and enthusiastic community and fan following. I would never have thought I […]

Friday evening, the Shopify Toronto office had two beers on tap, both by Ottawa brewery Beyond the Pale. The main event was a celebratory brew called Moneyhats IPO IPA, a collaboration between BtP and Shopify to mark the Ottawa startup’s initial public offering. The other, the real reason I had snuck into their celebration was Pink Fuzz, their […]

Perhaps you already knew that Bellwoods brewery was planning on releasing in the Fall of 2014, just in time for Cask Days, a beer called Barn Owl, which they described on their blog as “Monogamy Centennial Barrel-Aged-With-Apricots-and-Peaches-and-Brettanomyces”. This is not that beer. I’m sorry to confuse you. I was confused myself, and perhaps you were too if […]