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At the end of February I started up an experimental batch of stout where I’d be trying to get some salted chocolate flavours. Overall I’d say I missed that goal, but I’m still somewhat happy with the result and I learned quite a bit into how salt will have an effect on the flavour profile […]

BYO recently published their article about calibrating your equipment and it got me thinking about how the volumetric calibrations can often leave a lot to be desired. I’ve gone and added some graduations to a couple of my smaller carboys, but have yet to get around to my larger 6.5 gallon ones. Another area that […]

V and I had been planning on putting our keggerator together for years and picked up one of the Danby fridges from Costco a while ago. Due to lack of tools and desire to actually do anything, the project languished for a really long time. After moving into our new place and losing access to […]

[Note: Many of these links are off to the BrewNorth home-brew shop (with referrals set). I am not affiliated with them, and can provideĀ links to alternative home-brew stores for you to shop around.] So you want to start brewing and after looking around online, see all these shiny and elaborate brewing systems. Or perhaps you […]

One of my Brew Year Resolutions is to improve my note taking, and preferably use paper for taking those notes. Up until now I’ve been using BeerAlchemy for all my note taking and while it’s been working out fine, it’s had a few issues. From a users perspective, I have had the software completely wipe […]

This actually is Lactobacillus. Brewing with this one would probably kill you.

Sour beers are an old beer that’s quickly coming into fashion once again. Traditionally they were sour because the brewers didn’t know any better. “God is goode” took this sweet substance and turned it into something that tastedĀ kinda weird but was safe to drink and you also felt kinda good. Since Pasteur we know what […]