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The July/August 2019 issue of Zymurgy included a clone recipe of Tree Houses’ Julius. The recipe author included a dry yeast blend that is possibly used by the brewers themselves and is apparently responsible for providing the beer with a lot of it’s character. Seeing how I work at a yeast lab, I had access […]

This year marked a heavy focus on brewing Lagers. With easy access to lager strains and a love for that super nice sulphur character I figured they’d be great to brew all year. At the start of the year things went fairly well, however I started getting a bit lazy and over-pitching my lager yeasts […]

For the HOZER advent this year I opted to brew up a Norwegian-inspired Pale Ale. I’ve been wanting brew raw ale since learning about them and Kveik on Lars’ blog years ago. Since I’ve got access to a bunch of different Kveik strains this was also an excellent opportunity to try out some the “newer” blends […]

I’ve been on a lager kick as of late and after winning yeast as a prize I figured that the best use would be on something interesting. While checking out one of my favourite homebrew shops I noticed that there were some interesting strains in stock. One of which was the Fast Lager strain from White […]

Steamboat Willie is a beer we brewed up as our entry for the 2017 HOZER advent calendar. I’ve found it difficult to find fresh California Commons and the scant local options haven’t really met the expectations I have for this style. After doing a bit of research through the BJCP style guides and a few […]

Earlier this evening I gave a presentation at the GTA Brews monthly meeting about carbonation. In the presentation I covered a brief introduction to the formulas behind the science of carbonation and various techniques to carbonation. This is a subject is sometimes a bit confusing for people since it’s somewhat unintuitive. Even just reading through […]

Water chemistry is perhaps the most important component that will take a good beer to a great one. However, it’s very common for brewers to eschew treating their water aside from perhaps removing chlorine or chloramines. Lots of the material regarding water makes it seem really complicated or calls for building everything from scratch via […]

What is the experiment? To determine what flavour impacts yeast has on a final product under these 4 conditions: When fresh yeast and priming solution is used post filtration When fresh yeast and priming solution is used pre-filtration When yeast in suspension and priming solution is used pre-filtration When product is force carbonated via brite […]

2016 was a big year for us, since it marked my exit from the software industry and into brewing. I started attending the Niagara College brewing program in January and began to focus on levelling up my brewing by practicing a lot at home. V and I also spent a lot of time expanding our […]

Something that often comes up is needing to make adjustments and sometimes it’s just easier to pull out a calculator and do the math yourself. I have a clipboard that my brewday sheet goes on, and I’ll be sticking this onto it so whenever I need to make an adjustment to kettle volumes or figure […]