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Beer mugs with labatt 50 screen on them hanging from a rack

I like to call myself a beer snob, but sometimes I’m at a place that only serves macro and I still want a pint. In those situations I’ll skim through the menu and hope that there’s that saving grace; Labatt 50. Almost any bar will carry 50, though perhaps it’s only available in bottles. It’s […]

Perhaps you already knew that Bellwoods brewery was planning on releasing in the Fall of 2014, just in time for Cask Days, a beer called Barn Owl, which they described on their blog as “Monogamy Centennial Barrel-Aged-With-Apricots-and-Peaches-and-Brettanomyces”. This is not that beer. I’m sorry to confuse you. I was confused myself, and perhaps you were too if […]