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A few months ago I learned about Square Timber brewing company through my parents via Facebook. V and I aren’t often in the area, so when we were going to be in town for a wedding we made a point to stop by and check the place out. Square Timber is a new entrant to […]

Last weekend V and I took the opportunity to escape the city and go camping. Our plan for the trip was to just enjoy campfires, trout fishing and nature for a couple of days. Originally we were going to take a trip to Elora Gorge but with the expected bad weather, we opted for a […]

Let’s change things up a little bit. Let’s look at another refreshing, fermented beverage: cider. From what I can tell, Ontario produced 133,130 metric tonnes of apples in 2014.  Ontario also has a population of 13.4 Million people. That’s just slightly less than 10 Kg of Ontario apples per capita, which really doesn’t sound like a lot […]

Great Lakes Brewery, the oldest craft brewery in Toronto and a pillar of the Ontario Craft Brewers, won both Canadian and Ontario brewery of the year in 2014. After winning success with with a single beer, the Great Lakes Lager, GLB expanded into ales, then experimental batches in what they called Project X, eventually giving […]

It had been a while since I ran a tasting night and with the new blog it’s an excellent excuse to get together. We decided that we’d do a blind tasting in order to add a bit of a challenge to this one and see which beers we really like. I’ve personally been a fan […]

To keep up with the IPA reviewing trend, I decided to give the Engineers India Pale Ale by Junction Brewery a try. You shouldn’t have a hard time getting your hands on this one as it’s widely available at most liquor stores. Engineers IPA is also a nice upgrade from their flagship beer; the Conductors […]

On May 29th, I attended The People’s Pint at the Gladstone in Toronto in which a bunch of home brewers shared their hand crafted beers. With so many different choices available it was almost like being at a craft beer festival. These varied from nothing too far off the beaten path, such as IPAs and Stouts, over […]

Friday evening, the Shopify Toronto office had two beers on tap, both by Ottawa brewery Beyond the Pale. The main event was a celebratory brew called Moneyhats IPO IPA, a collaboration between BtP and Shopify to mark the Ottawa startup’s initial public offering. The other, the real reason I had snuck into their celebration was Pink Fuzz, their […]

Perhaps you already knew that Bellwoods brewery was planning on releasing in the Fall of 2014, just in time for Cask Days, a beer called Barn Owl, which they described on their blog as “Monogamy Centennial Barrel-Aged-With-Apricots-and-Peaches-and-Brettanomyces”. This is not that beer. I’m sorry to confuse you. I was confused myself, and perhaps you were too if […]